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High School Strength Training

Valor High School Strength Classes offer diverse functional, strength, and power-based lifts for high school athletes. Athletes receive guidance from our highly trained coaches, with emphasis on core, balance, injury prevention, mobility, power performance, confidence, and mental toughness. Enroll your high school son or daughter at Valor for a lifting class to enhance strength, prevent injury, and stand out from the competition.

Youth Strength Training

At Valor, we offer Youth Strength Classes that focus on teaching proper form and technique for functional, strength, and power-based lifts. Our coaches provide a supportive and educational group setting that emphasizes full-body lifts, core development, injury prevention, balance, mobility, power performance, confidence, and mental toughness to prepare young athletes for success in various sports.

Youth Speed & Agility

Valors' Speed and Agility classes focus on running mechanics, speed, agility, and sport-specific movements. We start with a dynamic warmup and prioritize correct form and technique. Our curriculum includes purposeful speed drills and agility training for efficient acceleration and deceleration. Ethos provides comprehensive instruction and preparation for all skill levels and sports.

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Join us at Valor SP for top-notch facilities, expert guidance, and a welcoming community. Let's crush your fitness goals together!


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